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Individual solutions for challenging requirements

Whether in the field of drive technology (specially wound and insulated conductors for stators and rotors, e. g. for aircrafts) or generator technology for ships – a material-to-material connection meets the requirements for applications in the defense sector. We have extensive expertise in technology for vehicles, sensors and aircrafts. Therefore, we are ideally qualified as a partner for the defense sector.

Due to the high security requirements, extensively customized systems are needed in this sector. As a specialist for individual solutions, we can supply you with these.

We offer you:

  • high-end technologies and professional implementation of your requirements,
  • our own welding systems and control units with associated power units, including full traceability,
  • a very high level of detail in testing and implementation as well as
  • sampling in the development phase.

Special circumstances call for individual solutions which we can provide for you. We know what is important in your industry and develop customized products according to your indivdual requirements.